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Snowman Skiing

Control the skiing snowman to assemble himself!
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3 March 2008

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Skiing is definitely one of the most popular sports in quite a few countries in the world including the likes of Canada, U.S along with many more. Such is the popularity of the sport that even in those countries with no snow-fall whatsoever, skiing-ground is developed artificially in order give the population a taste of all the fun associated with the sport. But then, however you may like it, there is simply no way that you could go on skiing to your heart’s content all throughout the year. Keeping this bitter fact in mind, Novel Games Limited has come up with a unique, and attractive game that allows you to feel the thrill of skiing in a virtual environment, and right from the comfort of your couch. Needless to say, the game has turned out to be pretty successful for its rich offering when it comes to catering to the needs of all those who starve for skiing.

Upon being launched, you will see the amazingly nice graphics Snowman Skiing 1.0 has been blessed with - it’s perfect for giving you the thrill of being personally there amidst snow. Add to that the nice sound effect the game can boast off and there you are- ready to ski in a perfectly designed virtual skiing ground. The main objective for you in the game is to finish building a skiing snowman against all odds. For that, you need to find and collect pick cones, branches as well as carrots which will form the eyes, arms and nose of the snowman. Less time you take to finish the snowman, more score you bag. However, its not a walk in the park too as you will come across many obstacles on your way - obstacles such as trees, bushes etc., just to name a few.

The game certainly deserves no less than a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

In this game you need to control a skiing snowman. You should pick up pine cones, carrots and branches to form the eyes, noses and arms of the snowman. The faster you finish the snowman, the higher the score you get. If you hit a tree, all the parts of the snowman will fell off, and a layer of snow will also fell off and the snowman will be smaller. If you hit the trees too many times, the snowman will be destroyed.
Snowman Skiing
Snowman Skiing
Version 1.1
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